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A Boutique
M&A Advisory Firm
With a “Community Bank” Approach


Located in Winter Park, Florida, 1858 Capital Partners, LLC (“1858”) specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Principal Investments. With a focus on the middle market, 1858 utilizes its network, internal resources, and the latest technology, to attain successful transactions. 1858 is a team of diverse mergers and acquisition professionals with deep experience as operators, principal investors, sell side advisors, lenders, and legal counsel. Unlike traditional investment banks, 1858 was formed with a community banking model in mind. 1858’s capitalization, partners and Board come from, and are made up of local business leaders. This community bank approach extends beyond just the formation and capitalization of 1858.  It goes to the heart of how the 1858 team interacts with a client, placing an emphasis on building a consultative and interactive relationship. While 1858 advises on transactions outside the community (and even outside the state of FL), we believe Central Florida is a high growth market, with some of the best companies in the country located here.


At 1858,
Every Transaction Matters

The 1858 team is very selective regarding engagements.  We look to limit the number of engagements taken on at any one time so maximum client interfacing is achieved.  Before even presenting a prospective client with a proposal, we utilize an extensive front-end review to ensure a high probability of success for all parties. We owe this not just to our clients, but to our partners, investors and employees as well. The 1858 name represents the firm’s ties to the local community. Winter Park, Florida was first settled in 1858, when David Mizell Jr. bought an 8-acre homestead between Lakes Virginia, Mizell, and Berry. Each of the four 1858 founders, the bulk of our investors, and nearly every client relationship has some tie back to Winter Park/Central Florida, and we wanted to acknowledge this through our name. 

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